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Stunning Wedding Cake

Terms & Conditions


All price quotations, written or verbal, are valid for 30 days from the date of the quotation.

A non-refundable/non transferable deposit of £100 is required to secure your booking and date.

Cake bookings with less than 4 week’s notice require the full cost of the cake paid at the time of booking.

Final Payments and Non Payment
Payment can be made through bank transfer, cash or *PayPal 
(*additional 2.9% will be added to total cost if paid via PayPal)

The final balance of your wedding cake must be paid at least 4 weeks prior to your wedding date. The full amount is stated on your order form.

In the event that no payment has been made the order will not be completed until payment is made in full. Subsequent completion of the order will be subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed. The customer will be responsible for the payment of any additional charges which have been incurred as a result of payment failure.

All requests for cancellation must be made in writing by e-mail to
A £100 deposit is paid in order to secure your order and event date therefore this payment is always non-refundable.

As a small business I can only take on a very limited number of bespoke wedding cake orders per month. I decline orders once a date is secure to ensure I can dedicate time on your wedding cake, therefore cancellation results in loss of earnings. I also purchase equipment, tools, cutters, moulds etc in advance, spend  time researching your design, techniques, creating sample box, consultation, sketch and premade handmade sugar decorations. For these reasons in the event of cancellation my policy is as follows:

0-4 weeks from delivery date - 100% of the total cost would be invoiced
4-8 weeks from delivery date - 50% of the total cost will be invoiced.

In the event of postponement, provided the new date is available there is no transfer fee and the full order will be moved to the new date. Should the new date be unavailable please revert to cancellation policy. 
In the unlikely event that I need to cancel an order I will give as much notice as possible, arrange a suitable replacement with your agreement or refund all monies paid.

Alterations and Changes
Changes to your cake design can be made up to 6 weeks before delivery. All alterations must put in writing via email and agreed by me. Some alterations can cause increase or decrease in price, this will be discussed with you.

I reserve the right to use artistic judgement when designing and creating your cake. If I need to alter the design significantly this will be discussed with you.

Pictures of other cakes can be used for inspiration and elements can be replicated. However, due to copyright laws I can not copy exactly  another cake artist’s work.

I will do my best to match any colour requests for icing but cannot guarantee an exact match as colours present differently in different materials and light.  I aim for a perfect match but this is not always possible.

Delivery and Set Up 
At the time of delivery and setup, a designated responsible party must be present to inspect and sign for the final cake set up, this may be your wedding coordinator at the venue or wedding planner. Once the cake is set up and accepted, it is no longer the responsibility of Judith Auten Wedding Cake Design. 

All cakes will be photographed from various angles. Judith Auten Wedding Cake Design reserves the right to use any photographs taken for display and promotion.

Cake Table
The responsible party is responsible for ensuring that there is a cake table available at time of delivery. If the table is to be skirted or otherwise covered it must be prepared before the cake is set up.

The table must be secure and level and must be able to support a minimum of 50lbs. Once the cake is set up it is no longer the responsibility of Judith Auten Wedding Cake Design. 

Judith Auten Wedding Cake Design cannot be held responsible for tables provided by the customer/venue that fail to support the weight of the cake. 

If you are requesting that real flowers be included in your cake design, please have your florist provide the correct type and number of flowers needed to complete your desired design. It is the responsibility of the florist to ensure that all flowers and foliage are non-toxic.

Flowers need to be delivered to the venue at least an hour prior to the cake delivery time.

I am willing to work alongside the florist in flower placement but Judith Auten Wedding  Cake Design is not responsible for damages that occur if other parties attempt to place flowers (or any other adjustments) onto the cake after delivery and set up.
Any sugar flowers used on the cake must be provided by Judith Auten Wedding Cake Design.

If you require the flowers to match fresh flowers I will require a list of flowers and foliage to be used in bouquets from the florist by 1 month prior to the wedding date. Colours and flower type will be matched as closely as possible but may not be an exact replica.

As I do not have a separate kitchen and utensils I am unable to offer allergy free or special dietary free cakes. All my cakes contain Gluten, Eggs, dairy and soya.
Nuts are also present in my kitchen, therefore I am unable to guarantee a completely nut free product and traces may be found.

Best Before/Cake Storage
If any of your wedding cake is left over it can be placed in the labelled cake box that I will supply to your venue. Cake needs to be kept in a cool room and out of direct sunlight. Cake should not be placed in the fridge as this causes the fondant to sweat and the cake to dry.
Cake is best eaten within 3 days of delivery. Cake can also be stored up to 3 months in the freezer (cut into small portions and double wrapped in clingfilm)

A labelled box with suitable padding will be provided for all cakes that are decorated with sugar flowers. It is the responsibility of the venue to remove sugarflowers carefully before cutting the cake and to place them in the designated box. Sugar flowers can keep for years if stored in a dry container and out of direct sunlight.

Non-Edible Decoration
Your cake may contain non edible elements such as plastic dowels in tiered cakes, ribbons and wires in sugar flowers.
Sugar flowers are edible but are NOT designed to be eaten, they may contain wire.

Non-edible items will be listed on the delivery note.

I pride myself on the high standards of my product. 

In the unlikely event that you would need to make a complaint at least 75% of the cake must be returned within 3 days to ensure I am able to fairly assess the nature of the complaint. The cake must have been stored and transported in the correct manner.

In the unlikely event that Judith Auten Wedding Cake Design is unable to fulfil your order due to circumstances beyond control (e.g. car accident, ill health, act of God)  she cannot be held liable for more than the cost of the ordered cake and a full refund will be given.

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